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Once a purchase order is created, you will be able to distribute ebooks to the members of your course.

Note: If the purchase order was created on a district level (as opposed to a school level), a District Admin may first need to delegate books for your school.

For instructions on creating student accounts and courses, see our School Admin Dashboard User Guide.


  1. Log in using your back office credentials.
  2. In the top-left corner of the dashboard page, click the Manage dropdown menu and select Licenses.
  3. You'll be taken to the License Management dashboard.  Here, you can view existing PO's and assign books from those PO's to specific courses.
  4. To assign books to a specific course, click on the License Assignment tab.
    1. Choose from the dropdown the book you'd like to assign.
      1. You will only be able to assign books that have been purchased for your school.
    2. Click Assign Licenses to Course.
  5. Fill in the details of your license assignment.
    1. Choose the academic school year during which the licenses will be used.
    2. Select the title (if it's not auto-selected) and make sure you have enough licenses available.
    3. Search for the name of your Course/Session
      1. Type in all or part of the course name, then click the magnifying glass.
      2. Your results will load in the table.
      3. For instructions on creating a course session, see our School Admin Dashboard User Guide.
    4. Click Assign.
  6. Members of your course will now see the book in their respective accounts.
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