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To better facilitate the edaptext onboarding process, a designated School Administrator will need to follow a setup process that includes four important steps - account creation, course creation, course population, and user information distribution.

  1. Creating Users
    1. Each person using edaptext - student, teacher, or administrator - will need his or her own user account.
    2. To create an account, you will likely want to pull data from your SIS or rostering system including first name, last name, email address, username, and password.  For more information about creating user accounts, see Creating User Accounts.
  2. Creating Courses
    1. Courses are groupings of students.  You can group students by teacher or even by teacher and class period.  It is recommended to create one course session for each teacher per subject.  This will make administration easy and implementation faster.
    2. Creating a course requires just a few pieces of information, including the course's name, the section name or class, and the term.  Like user accounts, courses can be created in batches. For more information about creating courses, see Creating Courses.
    3. To associate a certain book with a course, add the book to the course library.  This does not give students access to the book, but it allows users with access to open the book within the course environment.  For more information about populating a course's library with books, see Adding Books to Courses. 
  3. Enrolling Students in a Course
    1. Once a course has been created, users must be added individually or in batches. For more information about populating courses with users, see Adding Users to Courses
  4. Assigning Book Licenses to a Course
    1. Assigning licenses to a course, through the License Manager tool, gives members of that course access to the text. 
    2. The License Manager tool also allows administrators to keep track of available and used licenses.  For more information on assigning licenses, see Assigning Licenses to Course Members.

This School Administrator Guide will walk you through all the necessary steps for creating an engaging and rewarding learning experience inside the edaptext platform.

Click Getting Started to begin the tutorial.


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